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Undergraduate students

Shreya Singhal.jpg

Shreya Singhal is currently studying for her integrated Masters in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, specialising in Bio- and Mechanical Engineering. She has undertaken a research internship previously investigating bioprinting for bone organ mimicry. For her Master's, Shreya is working on characterising electrode arrays of cochlear in-ear implants.

Email: • Tel:+44 1223 762412

Digby Chappel.JPG

Digby Chappell is a 4th year Engineering student from Jesus College, University of Cambridge, specialising in Information and Computer Engineering. He has an interest in control systems and robotics, particularly the interface between humans and robotics. For his final year project, Digby will be conducting a feasibility study into 'Using Vestigial Ear Muscles for Control'.

Email: • Tel:+44 1223 762412