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Bioelectronics Laboratory

Ryan Lin.jpg  

Ryan Lin is a 4th year Information and Bioengineering student at the University of Cambridge. He has previously joined the Bioelectronics Laboratory as a summer intern, assisting with the development of electrophoretic drug delivery devices. Prior to that, Ryan has worked as a student researcher at Canada’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in the Focused Ultrasound Group, investigating non-invasive treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. For his MEng project, Ryan will be exploring the effects of tumour-treating fields (TTF) on glioblastomas and developing implantable devices to map tumour properties.


Philip Allan.jpeg  

Philip Allan is a fourth year undergraduate in the Department of Engineering. He is from Glasgow and enjoyes running and playing poker. His project is focussed on optimisation of an in vitro spinal cord model.


Charalampos Maxoutis.png  

Charalampos Maxoutis is a fourth-year student studying towards an MEng degree in Information and Computer Engineering. As an undergraduate student he completed an internship at the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology at Imperial College London, where he worked on designing and implementing the GUI and patient management system of a portable Point-of-Care diagnosis platform for infectious diseases (Publication received “Best Demo Award” in the 2019 IEEE BioCAS). As an MEng student, Charalampos is working on the classification of neurons from electrophysiology recordings using Machine Learning algorithms.


Elliot Krishek.jpeg  

Elliot Krishek is a fourth year undergraduate in the Department of Engineering He works on rapid prototyping of cutaneous electrodes for wearable electronics.